Pacific Rim-A Global Company

Pacific Rim originally began in Hong Kong to provide for professional security services in China for both international and domestic Chinese clients.   With the success of founder John Wang’s professionalism and security expertise, the firm soon began to offer services globally and expanded to Seattle.

To us, operating globally means understanding that different places not only speak different languages and have different climates, but also present very different types of threats and operate under a totally different cultural rule book. Without understanding this and adjusting accordingly, even the most seasoned security provider is worthless- they are simply unable to anticipate the risks associated with each scenario and to react appropriately.

At Pacific Rim Security Consultancy, we provide not only security services and expertise, but also the localized knowledge so crucial to working successfully in the global world.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all security solution in a global and ever changing world, so we don’t try to provide one. We offer security advice and services which takes into account the environment and local culture our clients are living in, and completely customize our services to their needs.

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