Guarding Services

Beijing branch office is a licensed Guarding Company since 2019.

For each client we, first of all, examine the client’s environment in a subtle and responsible manner. We then carefully assess the potential risks that may be faced and put forward corresponding security strategy reports in a targeted manner.

Based on our security assessment, we allocate security forces according to the needs. We’re responsible for the security of personnel and assets within the client’s jurisdiction, the registration and control of goods in and out, the sending and receiving of letters, and the prevention of any security incidents.

Bodyguard Services

Pacific Rim security consultancy LLC provides long term and short term Bodyguard service for Senior Executives of companies, for celebrities, and for high net worth families and individuals. We provide bodyguard services for those who are threatened to a certain extent, which seriously affects their travel, work and life. Pacific Rim security consulting & bodyguard company provides 24-hour, VIP, well-trained agents to protect you in all aspects and provides a full range of security protection programs.

Bodyguard services include:

  • Arrange travel routes for customers;
  • Reservation of hotel air tickets, restaurants, etc…
  • Safety factor evaluation of business trip location and business negotiation;
  • Protection of trade secrets and other relevant information;
  • Protection of important items;
  • The choice of tourist attractions;
  • When necessary, they can also be secretaries, drivers and interpreters.