Private Investigations

The main services of Pacific Rim Security Consultancy LLC investigative services include:

  • Personal background screening
  • Competitor investigation
  • Market investigation and research
  • Enterprise background inquiry
  • Business information collection
  • Marriage and family investigation
  • Social legal consultation, etc.

Private Investigations, Pre-Employment Screening, and Due Diligence in China

We provide services globally for investigations, screening, and due diligence of all kinds for those entering or operating in China. You receive in-depth reports and the benefit of our vast public and private resources in China.

Pre-Employment Screening and Due Diligence Services

Entering a new market or hiring new employees can be a huge risk for companies if they lack the information they need to correctly evaluate the situation. Pacific Rim can help companies overcome that risk by using our vast array of public and private resources.

Our reports provide an accurate and in-depth picture of the entity investigated, allowing our clients to fully understand the risks they are facing. We conduct discreet but through investigation,allowing you to obtain the information you need quietly.

Currently, we provide both pre-employment screening and due diligence reports for companies and individuals located in China.

We accept the entrustment of this service with a fully professional spirit. We carry out the work on the premise of laws and regulations. And we restore the facts with strong evidence.

Private investigator in China

Pacific Rim Security Consultancy LLC provides private investigator services, including property investigation and evidence collection, national information investigation, personnel whereabouts investigation, online fraud investigation and marriage investigation.

The Chinese private investigators of Pacific Rim Security Consultancy LLC can skillfully use criminal psychology, law, information science, detective science, material evidence science and many kinds of professional technologies such as material evidence extraction, tracking and surveillance, communication network, grappling and fighting, crisis self rescue, and also know how to disguise, fake, find and approach the target. Our investigators know how to collect information in open and semi open literature, how to ask/seduce/buy intelligence, how to use modern investigative tools, etc.

We provide professional and efficient services for customers for all of your investigation needs.

Investigations Company in China

Over the years, Pacific Rim Security Consultancy LLC has formed an investigation service team composed of professionals in various fields, with complete professional equipment and extensive technical resources. Our team excels at providing investigation services for clients and maintains good cooperation with many law firms. We can quickly and accurately realize the wishes of enterprises or individuals and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests in China.

Please contact us to learn more about our investigative reports.