Security Services for Special Events

Special Events are a great way to attract new clients or to celebrate an achievement, but can be quickly ruined by a security threat. Our goal is to make the event a success by not only protecting the client on the day of their event, but also helping earlier on to make sure the security solutions fits the needs and tone of the event. 

We can help from day one – providing security consulting, helping to evaluate venues, and planning for contingencies. Prior to the event, we will create a detailed comprehensive security strategy and find creative ways to make sure our clients and their guests are safe and secure no matter the demands of the event.

Pacific Rim Security Consultancy has provided event security to events of all sizes including corporate meetings, product launches, and conferences.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help make your event a success. 


Exhibition Security

The exhibition security service of Pacific Rim Security Consultancy LLC can develop a comprehensive professional security control plan for large-scale exhibitions, commercial entertainment, sports and marketing activities, and provides multi-level exhibition security services. It has successfully provided security inspection, explosion-proofing, and other services for many large-scale exhibitions, international government activities and large-scale mass activities.


Event Security in China

Holding events is an effective way to attract customers’ attention or release celebrations. Our goal is not only to ensure the safety of these activities, but also to take appropriate security measures, in line with the atmosphere and effect to be achieved at the scene of the activities intended for the event.

We can intervene from the beginning of activity planning, providing safety consulting services including assessment of safety conditions at the scene of the activity, drafting emergency plans, etc. before the activity. We will formulate detailed and practical safety strategies, and give full play to our initiative and creativity to ensure the safety and smoothness of the event while working to ensure the safety of the participants.

We also provide event security for company meetings, product launches and other activities of different scales.