Our Team

CEO and Founder

John (Guoqing) Wang is the founder and principle agent of Pacific Rim Security Consultancy with more than 20 years of experience working in the security industry. During his career, John has personally provided protection to some of the world’s highest ranking leaders and organized security for many large scale and high profile events. His areas of expertise include special event security management, executive protection, dignitary protection, and operational security.

John has worked for a variety of public and private entities including the Beijing Police and JP Morgan Chase, and has been recognized on several occasions for his outstanding work and professionalism.

Since moving to the United States, John has founded Pacific Rim Security Consultancy with the mission of providing outstanding and culturally competent security solutions to clients from the U.S., China, and many other nations.

Pacific Rim Security Consultancy Personnel

Jeff Baker

Mr. Baker use to serve in the U.S. Army and the U.S. government.

He use to carry on  a peacekeeping mission in Balkans.

He use to serve at Foreign Affairs Department of the State Department  as an executive officer, and successively served as a diplomat officer in several countries.

From 2014, he has become a senior consultant of PRS company, mainly responsible for supporting  high net worth people in the world and the security business of Top 500 companies.

Paul Clarke

Mr. Clarke use to serve in Scotland Yard and the Royal Police Special Protection Unit.

He used to be a professor at the bramshill police academy.

He was specially responsible for the training of dangerous environment for the city of London police and the guidance of risk response strategies for overseas security police.

At present he works at private security sector,  helps UK police to develop their police safety solutions.

Jerry Heying

Mr. Heying is Executive director of EPI, Executive Director of NLA Association, President of School of Safety Education, New York. He has more than 40 years of experience in the protection of political figures and high net worth families.

Since 1977, Jerry has worked as the head of the security team in Manhattan, often providing protection services to some international upper class people and stars.

In 1989, he joined IPG and international protection service company. It has developed security programs for private family, star, business or religious leaders around the world, and has carried out specific protection tasks for large-scale events in more than 50 countries.

He has obtained CPP certificate issued by international security association, served as chairman of fire and safety committee, member of EPI Association, member of American Rifle Association, senior security coach, counter-terrorism expert, senior safety driving instructor, senior light weapons instructor in Virginia Asia, New York.

Antonio Alfonso

Mr. Alfonso is a Retired police officer of New York police department, now he is head of AES company in New York, EPI teacher, has won the achievement award issued by Dr. Richard w. kobetz, is also a member of NLA and Safety Education Institute, and has more than 22 years of law enforcement experience.

During his tenure as a police officer, he was a evasive / defensive driving coach for law enforcement, the military and the private sector.

He is good at all kinds of fighting techniques and senior tactical instructors. He has received systematic professional training in the protection, monitoring, defense and advanced light weapons of upper class people. He is a senior safety driving coach.

As a teacher of EPI and participate in EPI project development. He has provided training and consulting services to companies in Latin America, Brazil, Colombia, Bermuda and many other countries.

Willian Wu

Mr. Wu works at PRS as vice president,  He use to hold an important position at Secret Service Bureau of China Public Security Ministry and had more than 20 years of working experience in the protection of political figures.

He has participated in and coordinated the organization of hundreds of important meetings and major event security, such as Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, National Day parade, the yearly National Congress Meeting , APEC summit, G20 summit, Boao Forum for Asia annual meeting etc., and has successively won five times of Third Class Reward.

Vice General Manager:
Betty Chi

Vice General Manager of Pacific Rim Security Consultancy with 20 years working experience on event management in 5-star international hotels and foreign enterprises.

Used to work in 5-star hotels for the hotel’s logistic arrangement of official
delegations, President visits, Fortune Global Forum, CEOs
Visits, etc.

Involved with the event arrangements for the incentive groups with thousands of people.