Executive Protection

China is Our Specialty

Trusted to protect the world’s most prominent business leaders and private citizens, Pacific Rim stands alone in our ability to navigate the complex political and social landscape in China.

Efficient, Safe, Secure

At Pacific Rim, we draw on decades of experience working in China. Solving problems before they happen – we provide our clients the freedom to focus on important business of the day without distraction.



Pacific Rim Founder John Wang – Driving Our Vision

As a former Lt. Colonel in the Beijing Police Department Close Protection Bureau and Director of Security for JPMorgan Chase China, John continues to maintain relationships at the highest levels of influence in China – allowing Pacific Rim to deliver a service level beyond what is normally possible in China.

For our clients, this means a hassle free experience that enables them to accomplish their business and personal priorities without interruption.

Beyond China

By way of strategic partnerships with a trusted network of deeply vetted security partners, Pacific Rim offers a full complement of security services in selected locations throughout North America. Please contact us today for details.

Executive Protection Services

The Executive Protection service of Pacific Rim Security Consultancy LLC mainly provides Close Protection for overseas high net worth people traveling in China. Including performing risk assessment in advance of the executive protection engagement to ensure that the safety of the Principle is not threatened, and provides all preventive protection for the personal dignity, personal, residence and journey of the Principle. Most of our agents are veterans, ex-police officers and have received relevant professional training.