Travel and Transportation Services

Our travel security services closely mirror our executive protection services, but are especially designed to protect an individual, family, or corporate executive team as they move about in an unfamiliar environment. In addition to providing security services, our agents can act as guides and help facilitate a safer and more productive trip. Pacific Rim provides a variety of travel services such as protective agents, security drivers and secure transportation for our clients as they travel.

We want our clients to be able to focus their own goals for the trip rather than the mundane logistical details, so we provide comprehensive services which facilitate an easier, safer, and more pleasant journey for the client.

These services can begin even before de-boarding the plane. Our agents will help the client quickly pass through immigration/customs and have secure transportation waiting to take them on to their next destination.

After seeing the client safety to their hotel, our agents and drivers often will remain with the client to the end of their trip, helping to ensure that they arrive at each meeting safely, on time, and ready to do business.

For our clients who are traveling to the U.S. or China, we can also provide etiquette or security briefings.

Please contact us to learn more about our travel and transportation services.